500ml Compact Dual-Shaft Lab Scale Planetary Vacuum Mixer

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Subject : 500ml Compact Dual-Shaft Lab Scale Planetary Vacuum Mixer


500ml Compact Dual-Shaft Lab Scale Planetary Vacuum Mixer,Blender, Stirrer


TOB-XJB-500 Planetary vacuum mixer is one high efficiency equipment with vacuum molding and dispersion function,suitable for the battery lab research of anode and cathode electrode slurry mixing process , as well as for the powdered and ceramic material materials mixing.

Due to the fact that the stirring is completed in the vacuum state, there’s without bubble , so the fillibility of materials and the compactness of model are improved.

Main feature:

1.Vacuum environment, can eliminate the bubbles generated in the mixing process effectively ,with vacuum system.

2.Standard equip of biaxial planetary stirring structure, screw impeller, according to the size of mixing tank to configure the different mixing shafts and combination .

3.Reverse and corotation mixing function design , can achieve high viscosity slurry make high speed mixing,have good mixing uniformity.

4.Multi speed operation can be carried out,you can set the speed and time of each stirring .

5.Bracket design, easy to operate, to ensure the safety of the vacuum mixing process 

6.Small size, can save space 

7.Exquisite appearance, with three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful .




AC220V 50HZ/ 110V 60HZ



Stirring speed

MAX600 rpm

Multi segment function

There segment speed can be set

Fitting volume

500ml stainless steel vacuum mixing tank

Stirring time

0~600min can be set

Overall size(L*W*H)

About 330m×320mm×570mm

Net Weight

About 35kg


Built in vacuum pump, vacuum value -0.08Mpa.

2 Standard double screw propeller, others according to the design of tank.


One year limited and list time support

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Product Display

Dual-Shaft Lab Planetary Vacuum Mixing machine

Dual-Shaft Vacuum Mixer

Dual-Shaft Planetary Blade

Dual-Shaft Lab Scale Planetary Vacuum Mixer

Dual-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer

Dual-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer


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