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Lithium ion battery formation purpose


The formation of a lithium battery mainly has two functions: one is to convert the active material in the battery into a substance having a normal electrochemical action by means of a first charge; the other is to form an effective passivation film or SEI for the electrode mainly at anode. In order to form a uniform SEI film on the surface of the anode carbon material, a stepwise charging and discharging method is generally adopted. At different stages, the charging and discharging currents are different, and the time is different, which should be specifically controlled according to the materials and process routes used. Usually the formation time is controlled at around 24h. The passivation film on the surface of the anode plays an important role in the stability of the battery in the electrochemical reaction of the lithium battery. Therefore, in addition to classifying materials and manufacturing processes, battery manufacturers are also listed as important secrets for companies to manufacture batteries. During the formation of the battery, the first few charge and discharge may cause the discharge capacity of the battery to decrease at an initial stage due to the irreversible reaction of the battery. After the electrochemical state of the battery is stabilized, the battery capacity becomes stable. Therefore, some formation procedures include multiple charge and discharge cycles to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the battery.

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