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New Purchase Order From A123


LTOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED is specialized in lithium battery,supercapacitor battery equipments and materials, provides high-quality products and the most professional technical services.

Until today, more and more famous company choose TOB. Because of our professional,It’s trustworthy.

On February 05, 2019, A123 chooses TOB as a supplier of battery equipment and materials.

A123 Systems is a company specializing in the development and production of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.The lithium-ion battery provided by the company is ahead of the lithium-ion battery market with long life, high energy density, high power and excellent safety.

 New Purchase Order From A123

Want to research lithium ion battery? We can design battery research lab and pilot plant,provide technology,material,equipment for you.

If you are interesting in this, feel free to contact with us.

Contact person:Gavin Zhu (Engineer & Sales)


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