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Theoretical capacity calculation of electrode materials


The theoretical capacity of the electrode material, that is, the capacity that can be provided by the assumption that all lithium ions in the material participate in the electrochemical reaction, and the value is calculated by the following formula:

Theoretical capacity(mAh/g)=Faraday constant F(C/mol)*1/Molecular weight(mol/g)*1/3.6(mAh/C)

Wherein, the Faraday constant (F) represents the charge per mole of electrons, in units of C/mol, which is the product of the Avogadro number NA=6.02214 × 1023 mol-1 and the elemental charge e=1.602176 × 10-19 C. Its value is 96485.3383±0.0083 C/mol.

Therefore, the mainstream material theoretical capacity calculation formula is as follows:

LiFePO4 has a Molar mass of 157.756 g/mol and its theoretical capacity is:

Theoretical capacity(mAh/g)=96500(C/mol)*1/157.756(mol/g)*1/3.6(mAh/C)=170mAh/g


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