Introduction to the graphene materials

Introduction to the graphene materials
Graphene Oxide is a two-dimensional planar nanomaterial composed of carbon atoms with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice,the c-c bond length is 0.141nm, the theoretical density is about 0.77mg/m2, and the thickness is only about the diameter of a carbon atom. Carbon atoms participate in hybridization in the way of sp2, and electrons can smoothly conduct between layers, so graphene conducts electricity extremely well. It is the material with the smallest resistivity known, which is one of the reasons why graphene has a promising future in batteries.

Battery Graphene materials have excellent thermal conductivity, and their theoretical room temperature thermal conductivity of single layer is up to 3,000-5,000w/(m*K). This property can be used to study the heat dissipation during battery operation.It has excellent mechanical properties and is a material with excellent toughness and strength, which can be used to develop and study flexible electrode materials. In addition, the high specific surface area and high transmittance of graphene are also of great research value.
graphene oxide powder
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