Application of graphene in cathode materials

For lithium ion batteries, the cathode materials that can be used should meet the characteristics of large reversible capacity, high potential and stability, non-toxic and low production cost. At present, lithium iron phosphate is the most common cathode material for … Continue reading

How to Get Good Coating Effect When Making Lithium ion Battery

The Electrode Coating Machine is the key equipment for the production of lithium battery electrode. Because it directly affects the subsequent rolling operation, and even affects the performance of the entire battery. At present, the mainly lithium battery electrode coating … Continue reading

PVDF binder for Li-ion battery electrodes

Introduction: Polyvinylidene fluoride binder(PVDF) is currently the most commonly used oil binder in the lithium ion battery industry. It is a non-polar chain polymer binder. It is characterized by strong oxidation resistance, good thermal stability and easy dispersion. N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) is … Continue reading

The performance characteristics of vacuum drying oven

The vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidizable materials. It can be filled with an inert gas, which can make some ingredients with complex ingredients dry quickly. Scope of application: High Temperature Vacuum … Continue reading

High voltage and high capacity lithium-rich material

The lithium-rich manganese-based (xLi[Li1/3-Mn2/3]O2; (1–x) LiMO2, M is a transition metal 0≤x≤1, and the structure is similar to LiCoO2) has a high discharge specific capacity. It is about twice the actual capacity of the cathode material currently used, and is … Continue reading