How to Get Good Coating Effect When Making Lithium ion Battery

The Electrode Coating Machine is the key equipment for the production of lithium battery electrode. Because it directly affects the subsequent rolling operation, and even affects the performance of the entire battery. At present, the mainly lithium battery electrode coating process is: scraper type, roll to roll transfer coating type and a slit extrusion type. General speaking, laboratory equipment adopts the scraper type, the 3C battery adopts the roll to roll transfer coating type, and the power battery adopts the slit extrusion type.
Battery Coating Machine
Scraper coating: the foil substrate passes through the coating roller and directly contacts the slurry trough, and the excess slurry is coated on the foil substrate. The gap between the blade and the foil substrate determines the coating thickness, then the surface of the material forms a uniform coating.

Roll to roll transfer coating: The coating roller rotates to drive the slurry, the slurry transfer amount is adjusted by the comma scraper gap, and the slurry is transferred to the substrate by the rotation of the back roller and the coating roller.

Extrusion coating: As a precise wet coating technology, the working principle is that the coating liquid is sprayed out along the gap of the coating die at a certain pressure and transferred to the substrate. Compared with other coating methods, it has many advantages, such as fast coating speed, high precision and uniform thickness. The coating system is closed, which can prevent the entry of contaminants during the coating process. The slurry utilization rate is high and the slurry can be kept. It is stable in nature and can be coated at the same time. It can adapt to different slurry viscosity and solid content ranges, and has stronger adaptability than the transfer coating process.

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