Activated Carbon For Water System Supercapacitors

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Subject : Activated Carbon For Water System Supercapacitors


Activated Carbon For water System Supercapacitors

Packing: 500g/bag

The activated carbon is mainly used for Producing organic system, inorganic system super capacitor and hybrid super capacitor electrode materials, It can also be used in the manufacture of fuel cell.

TOB-AC system supercapacitor activated carbon has large specific surface area, High porosity, good electrical conductivity, can reduce the supercapacitor resistance, improve Power density and cycle life.


 Super capacitor activated carbon(Applicable to water system electrolyte)

BET  ( m2/g)


ASH (%)


Moisture (%


Bulk specific weight (g/ml


Grain (D50, um)


Water system Reference capacitance (F/g)



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