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  • TOB New Energy has Moved to a New Office Location
    TOB New Energy has Moved to a New Office Location Jun 24, 2020
    Dear TOB New Energy Customers, We are proud to announce that we have just moved to a new office location on 24 June, 2020 to accommodate our growth. Our new office address is: Room 111, Building 5th, NO.1633, Jicheng Road, Tong'an torch Industry Phase II, Tong'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, 361100 Our office number will remain the same as +86-592-7311160 / +86-18120715609. Our new and larger office space allows us to add more functions to serve our customers better. Should you have any questions on the relocation, please feel free to contact us. TOB New Energy is a company that provide total equipment and materials of lithium battery from electrode preparation to battery assembly, and more important, we also provide corresponding lithium battery technology service to our customer, we can provide a turn key battery project.
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  • Battery Mixer With Touch Screen
    Battery Mixer With Touch Screen Jan 18, 2021
    Today there have two battery mixing machine with touch screen for coin cell slurry mixing waiting for delivery.This vacuum mixing machine can vacuum the tank and is planetary mixing method, The vacuum can reduce the bubble in the slurry,and which can ensure that the quality of the coating,because if the battery electrode coating if there have some bubble will cause a hole on the electrode,and this one is could not use anymore. And this battery mixing machine is used for coin cell slurry mixing,because is tank volume is just 150ml,and if you want mixing the cylinder battery slurry or pouch cell slurry you can choice our other model planetary vacuum mixing machine like TOB-XFZH-serials with one have a big volume.Of course if you want made a production line for battery,which one need big volume and automatic,we can also provide production serials planetary mixing machine,which can have about 200L volume and have glue mixing machine and some tube for slurry transport.And have automatic weight system. This small mixing machine also a function that can set a program and you can set 3 process and choice the rotate direction and rotate speed and time on the touch screen,and it will auto running according the program.
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  • Laboratory Battery Electrode Slitting Machine
    Laboratory Battery Electrode Slitting Machine Jan 13, 2021
    The machine used for battery electrode roll slitting after press, it adopts no clearance knife for slitting, slice edge neat, ensure dimensional accuracy. This is a newly designed battery electrode roll slitting machine dedicated to the laboratory. It is easy to operate, lightweight, beautiful in appearance and easy to move. It can be used for 18650 electrode slitting. The slitting width can be customized according to customer requirements. The slitter is consist of up and down cutter, holder,  Inlet and outlet positioning plate, gear, reducer, motor.etc. Slitting width:10~300mm, Suitable thickness:50-400μm battery electrode, if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact me! TOB new energy also can provide full set of lithium battery equipment and materials. Looking forward to discuss with you! Thank you for reading! Contact person:Gavin Zhu (Engineer & Sales) Email:[email protected] Skype: [email protected] Wechat: TOB-007
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  • Lithium Battery Electrode Roller Press
    Lithium Battery Electrode Roller Press Jan 06, 2021
    Turn on the power switch of the electrode rolling press machine, and wipe the steel roller with alcohol dipped in the dishcloth.The requirement before turning on the equipment are as follows. 1. Check the emergency stop switch to maintain the access state before turning on the power 2. The surface of the steel roller to dry.clean.no oil and particles. Adjust the gap of the steel roller,different battery mode had different roller press parameter,and we don’t bat around at here,but should notice the roller press stroke,avoid the lock phenomenon of the servo motor. Take suitable electrode roller press,verification the gap of the steel roller the requirement is as follow: 1. Steel roller gap adjust to process requirement range. 2. Keep the balance of the electrode and the micrometer. Put the roll materials onto unwinding shaft,adjust it to suitable position,fix it and put the electrode between the two roller,requirement:the electrode should parallel of the front and rear,couldn’t side mounted the electrode on the air,and could not oblique. Turn on the tension system and auto rectify system before roller press,and notice adjust the tension,could not too tight or too loosen,after adjust the tension should confirm it with the process and quality. On the electrode roller press process,weight requirement is as follow: 1. Should notice the vertical of the electrode and micrometer. 2. Keep same of the hand move speed and the electrode move speed. After materials roller press should wipe the surface of the roller,use anti-rust oil wipe the surface of the roller after the waste out. At last it is batter use different equipment to roller press cathode and anode,if don’t have two roller press machine and must use one roller press machine to dispose both of cathode and anode,you must clean up the roller. And the electrode will have the water after roller press,should put it into the oven and baking it.
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  • Battery Glove Box Debug
    Battery Glove Box Debug Dec 31, 2020
    Because the special situation of this year,we could not go to the side of our customer,so some of the customer would like to have a video chat with us and debug inspection the machine together with us. Today we had finished a total process of the glove box from factory out until use condition:Install component of glove box like water analyzer oxygen analyzer,then purging,regenerate and a serials operate.And finally after we achieve the requirement of the water and Oxygen,less than 0.01ppm,our customer really satisfaction. Super pure purification glove box is a important equipment for our lab battery making,because of some raw materials of the battery is could not connect Oxygen like Li metal and electrolyte.And after our electrode absorb water will also influence the performance of the battery.The battery making process should rigid control the humidity and oxygen concentration. For the glove box,if you dont need a serious control of the condition,we also have the organic glass type and without water oxygen control if you need.And also have HEPA filter type glove box.Of course,if single station is not enough for you and you need mult-station glove box,we can also provide,and these single station glove box is also can disassemble convenience for add another other additional glove box.
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  • Lithium Battery Raw Materials
    Lithium Battery Raw Materials Dec 28, 2020
    TOB NEW ENERGY warehouse always stocks various lithium battery materials, such as various types of button battery accessories, powder materials, substrates with different thicknesses, carbon-coated aluminum foil, carbon-coated copper foil, etc.. We can also provide some more advanced materials, if your laboratory or production line has any demand for lithium battery materials and equipment, please contact us, we will provide you with the best price and best service. Thank you for reading! Contact person:Gavin Zhu (Engineer & Sales) Email:[email protected] Skype: [email protected] Wechat: TOB-007
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  • Lithium-ion Battery Conductive Agent Materials
    Lithium-ion Battery Conductive Agent Materials Dec 24, 2020
    When lithium battery cathode surface discharge, the lithium ions in the hole into the cathode active materials. If the current increase the polarization increases, the discharge is difficult, and the conductivity between the electronic is poor, the electrical conductivity of the active substance by itself is not sufficient, in order to ensure good charging and discharging performance of the electrode, a certain amount of conductive agent is usually added in the preparation of the electrode to collect the microcurrent between the active substances and the fluid. As the conducting agent materials for lithium ion batteries, conventional conducting agents super-P, KS-6, conductive graphite, carbon nanotube, graphene, carbon fiber VGCF and so on are mainly used. These conducting agents have their own advantages and disadvantages. 01:SP At present lithium ion battery conductive agent or conventional conductive agent SP. Carbon black has better ionic and electronic conductivity, because carbon black has a larger specific surface area, so it is conducive to the adsorption of electrolytes and improve the ionic conductivity. In addition, carbon particles agglomerate to form a branched chain structure, which can form a chain conductive structure with the active material, which is helpful to improve the electronic conductivity of the material. 03: CNT conductive agent The application proportion in high-end digital battery field is as high as more than 50%, while the application proportion in power battery field is relatively low. However, in recent years, with the improvement of energy density, multiplier performance, cycle life and other performance requirements of power batteries, the proportion of CNT conductive agent in this field is gradually increasing.
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  • New Design Pouch Cell Stacking Machine
    New Design Pouch Cell Stacking Machine Dec 23, 2020
    According our customer suggestion and requirement,and with our engineer hard working,now we finally made a new design battery stacking machine. This new design battery electrode stacking machine had add two main function. 1. We add the calibration tail used for the electrode calibrate, and have the baffle to position the electrode, which can improve the precision of the machine. Can ensure the electrode can accurate drop down on the center of the stacking plate and ensure the alignment of the electrode side.And the size of the battery can change by yourself. 2. And now we have a new function of the single step, which means we can stacking the electrode 1 layer by 1 layer if you want.After we change the mode to single step mode, after we started the machine and press the foot switch and the sucker will suck a anode electrode,and carry it to the center of the stacking plate,and then carry another cathode electrode to the center of the stacking plate.Easily to debug the machine. To compare with the battery winding process, the battery which made by the stacking have small inner resistant. but have low effective.
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  • Battery Electrode Delivery to Our Russia Customer
    Battery Electrode Delivery to Our Russia Customer Dec 04, 2020
    Today we have a lot of battery electrode that need to delivery to our Russia customer,whose battery process is also provide by us.a 72Ah big prismatic battery. The process of the electrode making is mainly include battery slurry mixing,battery coating,and battery electrode roller pressing and slitting. The most important parameter of the battery electrode is the area density,thickness and the width. For the area density is controlled by the battery coating machine,and the area density is a parameter that will influence the capacity of the battery.So,a good battery coating machine is important for battery making,which can give us a good electrode with high uniform,no impurity bubble and other coating flaw.And the thickness is depend on the battery materials system and the roller press,if the compaction density is big,there could fill in more electrode in the battery case,but also will influence the rate performance.Of course,the width of the electrode is controlled by the battery electrode slitting machine,a good slitting machine can provide you the smooth cut without rag and powder. Of course,all of these things we can also supply,include the electrode,battery coating machine, battery roller press machine and battery slitting machine and also the battery process knowledge. If you are interesting about the lithium battery,please feel free to contact us.
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  • Key point of 18650 lithium battery winding process
    Key point of 18650 lithium battery winding process Dec 02, 2020
    Today we're going to talk about battery winding process. Choosing the right equipment is sometimes the key to doing a good job, especially when it comes to research and manufacturing lithium ion batteries. We, TOB New Energy, as a global professional lithium battery equipment supplier in particular understand this truth. This cylindrical cell winding machine is mainly used for 18650, 21700, 26650, 26700, 32650 cells. TOB-JR135-P pouch cell semi-automatic winder machine is used for winding battery anode and cathode with separator together in the research of Li-ion Pouch cell batteries. Here are a few key points need to pay attention to when we during the 18650 lithium battery winding process. 1.Humidity control ≤1%RH Purpose: To prevent water absorption in the battery winding process of cathode and anode electrode, resulting in poor zero voltage, self-discharge and bad cycling performance; Method:calculate the dew point and the temperature got the value. 2.  Powder control≤100,000pc/ft3,(detect diameter is 0.5um) Objective: To prevent dust from being involved in the electrode during winding, resulting in short circuit, overheat, fire and self-discharge of the cell. Methods: Dust tester was used. 3.  Abnormal cutting burr Process requirement:electrode ≤8um tabs burr≤12um Adverse effects: Burr of electrode or tabs exceeding process requirements may cause burr to Pierce diaphragm, short circuit of anode and cathode, overheat of electric cell, explosion may occur in serious cases, and serious safety hazard exists. 4. The coverage of cathode and anode Process requirements: the alignment of cathode and anode is 0.75mm Alignment of anode with separator 1.5mm Adverse effects: The alignment of cathode and anode maybe cause anode not wrap the cathode when the cell charge, the Li-ion come out of the cathode will not find the corresponding graphite to be embedded, which causes the free lithium ions in the battery cell to accumulate on the anode and produce dendrites. The dendrites puncture the separator and cause internal short circuit, thus causing potential safety hazards. The alignment between anode and the separator over the process requirement maybe will cause the anode be squeezed and deformed. Part of the powder on the electrode fall out, during the charge the cell will expand, and the powder will puncture the separator cause cathode and anode inner short circuit and cause the safety hazard.
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  • Laser welding in lithium battery
    Laser welding in lithium battery Nov 23, 2020
    As the core component of new energy vehicle, the quality of lithium ion battery directly determines the performance of the vehicle.Lithium ion battery manufacturing equipment generally consists of three types: front-end equipment, mid-end equipment, and back-end equipment. The precision and automation level of the equipment will directly affect the production efficiency and consistency of the products. As an alternative to traditional welding technology, laser processing technology has been widely used in lithium battery manufacturing equipment. Application of Laser welding in the production of lithium battery Welding is a very important manufacturing process from the manufacturing of lithium ion battery cell to the battery PACK. The conductivity, strength, air tightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance of lithium ion battery are typical evaluation standards for battery welding quality.The choice of welding method and welding process will directly affect the cost, quality, safety and consistency of the battery. Laser welding has high energy density, small welding deformation and small heat-affected zone, which can effectively improve the precision of the workpiece. The welding seam is smooth and free of impurities, uniform and compact, and no additional polishing is required.Laser welding can be accurately controlled, with small focal point, high precision positioning, easy to realize automation with mechanical arm, improve welding efficiency, reduce working hours, reduce cost;In addition, laser welding of thin plate or thin diameter wire rod will not be subject to the trouble of remelting as easily as arc welding, and it can be welded with a wide variety of materials, which can realize the welding between different materials. The characteristics of laser processing lithium ion battery (1) welding refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can be used to weld the opposite material, the effect is good. (2) After laser focusing, the power density is high. In the welding of high-power devices, the depth-width ratio can reach 5:1, and the height can reach 10:1. (3) Can be at room temperature or special conditions for welding, welding equipment is simple.For example, a laser beam is not deflected by an electromagnetic field. It can be welded in a vacuum, air, or some gas environment, and can be welded through glass or through a transparent material of the beam. TOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED is specialized in lithium battery industry, our company can provide you a turnkey project, if you are interested in it, feel free to contact us! Thank you for reading!
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  • The influence of slurry quality on battery coating process
    The influence of slurry quality on battery coating process Nov 11, 2020
    Coating process is a process based on the study of the physical properties of fluids, in which one or more layers of liquid are coated on a substrate, usually a flexible film or lining paper, and then the coated liquid coating is dried or cured in an oven to form a film layer with special functions. At present, the most important coating methods for lithium ion battery are comma-roller transfer coating and slit extrusion coating. The properties of coating solution itself have a great influence on coating results.The shear rate-viscosity data of the coating solution is an important consideration before you apply the coating.When the coating solution has a very strong viscoelasticity, usually about the coating process, will bring greater difficulty. Viscoelasticity is the reaction of viscosity and elasticity after fluid deformation. Some fluids have only viscosity change under shear force, while more complex fluids have strong elastic energy after shear deformation.How do you determine the viscoelastic energy of a fluid?It can be judged by the curve of shear force and viscosity. After the pressure release, this change in the fluid will greatly affect the effect of coating. What effect does that have? In the slit coating, if the solution with a greater shear force from the coating head lip extrusion, or with a faster speed coating, because the solution in the coating after completion, in the case of pressure release, there will be shrinkage, resulting in the formation of similar vertical stripes.Even in severe cases, retraction of the solution can result in electrode creases and crimping. So how do you prevent these defects? In the slit coating process, we have to be very careful to control the flow of fluid in the coating head, so that the solution is very uniform flow out of the lip, and the solution of the shear force as much as possible to control to the minimum. Generally speaking, the general coating solution has the ability of self-leveling, and viscoelastic body is not easy to flow, so the formation of the film will be a little lower. When you want to coat a viscoelastic body, you must first fully understand the reaction of the polymer with a higher molecular weight under stress, so as to better offset the resulting defects in the coating process through control of the process. In general, making this kind of fluid coating under low shear force is the best way to reduce the probability of defects!
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  • Lithium ion battery forming process
    Lithium ion battery forming process Nov 09, 2020
    Lithium ion battery forming is the first charge process of the lithium ion battery.The purpose of this work is to make lithium ion battery have the electrochemistry active.The forming process is forming a solid electrolyte interface film(SEI film),the SEI film have the character of the solid electrolyte interface,is a electronic insulator but this film is a excellent conductor for Li+,the Li+can pass the SEI film freely.The important ingredient of the SEI film is Li2CO3、LiF、LiOH、ROCO2Li、ROLi etc.The quality of the SEI film have a big relativity with the forming process,if the forming process is not good,it could not forming a high quality SEI film,and then the will have bad influence of the cycle life and the electrochmistry performance. The forming process can activate the cathode and the anode material have the electrochmical reaction and the forming film ingredient of the electrolyte forming the SEI film at he surface of the anode,effectively prevent the reaction of the solvent and the anode active materials,admit the de-intercalation of the Li+.The state of the Li+directly influence of the battery anode interface,capacity performance,self discharge,cycle performance and safety performance. TOB New Energy can provide full set of battery formation charge and discharge machine. They are suitable for coin cell,pouch cell and cylindrical battery formation and grading in battery production line manufacturing.
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  • Battery formation and grading machine
    Battery formation and grading machine Nov 03, 2020
    A batch of battery formation and grading machine and other testers for the 18650 production line have been completed, they will soon be arranged to be shipped to the customer's factory by container. About the battery formation and grading machine detection system: 1. Scope of application: chemical composition and detection of lithium polymer, lithium ion, nickel hydrogen, and nickel cadmium batteries. 2. According to the design of the equipment manufacturer, there are entire control, single point start and single point stop for each channel. 3. It can work independently without a computer. The middle computer has its own keyboard and large-screen LCD English display, which is simple, convenient and intuitive to operate. 4. Using network connection and SQL database, centralized control of multiple connected cabinets, and centralized management, analysis and statistics of all data. 5. Modular design, easy to maintain. The hardware technology is advanced, stable and durable. TOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED is specialized in lithium battery industry, our company can provide you a turnkey project, if you are interested in it, feel free to contact us! Thank you for reading! Contact person:Gavin Zhu (Engineer & Sales) Email:[email protected] Skype: [email protected] Wechat: TOB-007
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  • Lithium battery cathode materials requirement
    Lithium battery cathode materials requirement Oct 28, 2020
    Battery cathode is one of the core component part of the battery,its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the battery performance. Generally speaking, cathode active substances are required as follows: ·Allow a large amount of Li+ embedding and ejecting (large capacity); ·High REDOX potential (high voltage); ·Good reversibility of embedding and ejection, small structural change (long cycle life); ·High lithium ion diffusion coefficient and electronic conductivity (low temperature, good multiplier characteristics); ·High chemical/thermal stability, good compatibility with electrolyte (good safety); ·Abundant resources, environment-friendly, cheap price (low cost, environmental protection). Generally speaking, the key performance indexes of cathode electrode materials include chemical composition, crystal structure, particle size distribution, vibrational density, specific surface area, pH value, specific capacity of first discharge, efficiency of first charge and discharge, cycle life, etc. Most of the cathode materials of the lithium battery is lithium oxide,generally the higher lithium content,the higher of the capacity.Like the Li content of the LMO is about 4.2%,and this value of LCO and LNO is about 7.1%.Lithium-manganese rich can be as high as about 10%.When material composition is fixed, the principal element content should be given in the form of actual test averages add tolerances to achieve the corresponding electrochemical activity and maintain stability between batches. The size of cathode materials will directly affect the preparation of battery slurry and electrode sheet. Generally, the size of large-size materials has low viscosity, good fluidity, less solvent and high solid content. The particle size of cathode electrode materials is usually measured by laser particle size analyzer.The equivalent diameter D50 of the largest particle when the cumulative distribution in the particle size distribution curve is 50% regard as average particle size.The particle size and distribution of positive electrode materials are closely related to the precursor, sintering and crushing process, and should be normally distributed under normal circumstances.Generally, lithium cobalt oxide and lithium carbonate are used as raw materials for the preparation of lithium cobalt oxide. Its sintering characteristics are very good, and it can be grown by controlling key factors such as Li/Co, sintering temperature and heating rate, so the requirements for raw materials are relatively low.Large abnormal-shaped particles are easy to appear in the powder materials grown and broken through sintering adhesion, and scratches and broken belts are easy to appear in the pulping coating and forming process. Therefore, the lithium cobalt oxide standard restricts the equivalent diameter Dmax of the largest particles in the particle size distribution curve.  
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  • TOB New Energy New Design Semi-auto Battery Stacking Machine
    TOB New Energy New Design Semi-auto Battery Stacking Machine Oct 16, 2020
    After there have a lot of customer feedback,and we introduce a new design semi-auto stacking machine. 1.    We changed part of the structure of the machine,compare with former stacking machine,we increase the height of the machine now,after these little change we can directly operate the machine in the ground rather than need put the machine in the table.and make the operate more convenience. 2.    We simplify the operate of the HMI screen of the battery stacking machine,it just have 3 interface of the machine now to ensure that our customer learn and use it easier. 3.    For the metal plate,we made a little change of it.For the former battery stacking machine,it is more sharp and angular.And now we made it more mellow and full,which made the battery stacking machine more beautiful and improved the safety of the machine,reduce the possibility of the human got injured. And the new battery stacking machine still remain the merit of former machine. 1.    All of the stacking process is automatic and we just need manually feeding the electrode and then take out the finished product. 2.    the move of the stacking sucking disc is controlled by the servo motor can convenient record the position of the sucker and have a high precision of the position which can ensure the stacking result. 3.    And for the electrode size of the battery stacking machine it is can be customized according requirement.
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