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Other Battery Lab Research Equipment
Corporate History

Company History of TOB

Before TOB was founded

China began to develop lithium-ion batteries in the early 1980s. In that Background of times, Mr. Zhengyao Huang showed his passion for the new energy technology and his desire for entrepreneurship even back in his school days.  Mr. Huang was born in a small city in fujian province and was fascinated by machinery and technology since childhood. In 2005, he took a bachelor's degree in metallurgical engineering at central south university, he served as a battery designer in Wisewod battery, and after a few years he rose again to the chief technology officer of Wisewod battery.

2008 - 2012

Mr. Zhengyao Huang started his own business venture. His team set up his own battery factory in shandong province. Although it was always difficult to start a business, as long as he found his own direction, the difficulties could always be overcome. These hard years also laid a solid foundation for the establishment and growth of TOB in the future.


Due to the increase of international business and the demand of the industry, the business development has exceeded the business scope of the original battery factory, which prompted him to enter the equipment manufacturing industry of battery laboratory and set up his own battery laboratory equipment manufacturing factory under the name of TOB New Energy Technology.


The years after its establishment are an important period for TOB's development and growth. During these years, we pay more attention to the benign development of the company while expanding the market. In terms of research and development design, high-paying engineers with rich experience are employed to continuously optimize and upgrade equipment and develop new products to meet customer needs. In terms of service, we pay more attention to customer experience. We provide one-stop service to ensure that customers can buy suitable products. In 2013, TOB established eight battery test lines for the United States and Canada, and invested in battery production line equipment plants.


TOB and IIT carried out all-round cooperation in laboratory line and battery design research. Through this series of cooperation, the effect was remarkable. TOB gradually became famous in India, and our partners also increased. In the following years, TOB established cooperative relations with IITB, IITD, IITH and other universities.


TOB has become a leading enterprise in the battery equipment industry, and our strength has been recognized by more large companies. We have cooperated with apple, SKC and samsung as suppliers of its equipment and materials.

2016 - 2017

The year from 2016 to 2017 is two years for TOB to further expand its market. First of all, TOB has successively established the first and second supercapacitor production lines in Russia, and won widespread praise from Russian customers. Second, investment in the battery pack equipment factory in shenzhen, expand the battery equipment market vacancy, we help customers smoothly finished assembling battery in Iran and Israel, the Middle East market is also open to us; Finally, all our laboratory equipment tests have passed CE certification and the company tests have passed ISO certification, which further proves that TOB is a widely recognized company and a high quality company with credibility.


Set up a pouch cell production line for Russian customers. ( The picture is taken in the live factory acceptance testing with Russian customers in TOB NOW ENERGY factory.)


TOB NEW ENERGY technical team in IIT for lithium ion battery pilot line install and technical support.

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