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  • Battery Materials and Materials Analysis
    TOB NEW ENERGY battery materials include Cathode Materials, Anode Materials, Casing Materials, Battery Current Collectors, Conducive Materials, Graphene and Graphite Oxide, Binders, Battery Tabs, Battery Separator and Tape, Aluminum Laminate Film, Electrolyte, Pack Materials, Porous Metal Foam Materials, Nanomaterials and many others.
  • Coin Cell Equipment
    Coin cell equipment mainly include the small mixer device for slurry, manual film coating machine, electrode cutter, electrode press machine and crimping machine for coin cell sealing.  All the equipment suitable for all kinds of coin cells, such as CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2430 and so on. Coin cell research is the most convenient way for powder materials analysis.
  • Electrode Preparation
    Electrode preparation from materials baking to spot welding process before battery cells finished. Including slurry mixing, slurry testing, electrode coating, electrode rolling press, notching and battery tab welding.
  • Cylindrical Cell Assembly Machine
    From winding process to the last sealing process for 18650 cylindrical cell assemble line.
  • Pouch Cell Assembly Equipment
    From winding process to the last sealing process for pouch polymer cell assemble line.
  • Supercapacitor Equipment
    TOB can provide a set of supercapacitor solutions, including production line design and equipment supply.
  • Battery Tester
    Lithium ion Battery Testing Equipment is used for pouch cell, cylinder cell, coin cell parameter testing, it can test voltage, cycle life, capacitry and resistance.
  • Battery Production Line
    A full set of lithium battery producing equipment from mixing to last testing equipment, Including Manual machine, semi-auto battery machine and full auto battery machine.
what we do for you
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WHAT WE DO? Xiamen TOB New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high-end equipment of lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor. Our core technology team has over 20 years experience in lithium-ion battery researching and manufacturing.  TOB new energy was established in 2012, we have always been focusing on the development and operation of lithium-ion battery and its peripheral products. We provide advanced equipment and materials, professional and experienced battery manufacturing technology and comprehensive battery production line solutions for international companies and research institutions who work in lithium-ion battery sector. Our main products include Battery mixer, Electrode coating machine, Electrode slitting machine, Battery winding machine, Electrode stacking machine, Battery sealing and crimping machine, and Battery test system.  TOB adheres to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, we have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system and C E certificates. Our clients include BMW, Benz, A123, SKC, MIT, IIT, and many others. We have designed more than 200 lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor production lines for the companies located in United States, Europe, Russia, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America.  We warmly welcome customers around the world to establish cooperation and create a bright future with us together. We are not only selling the equipment or materials, but provide you an integrated battery solution.
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    We have designed more than 200 lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor production lines for the companies located in United States, Europe, Russia, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America.
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  • Polymer Supercapacitor Production Line
    Project Details: In May 2020, We have completed the final inspection and packing of all the polymer supercapacitor production line equipment before shipment. Project Name: Category: Client: Project Location: Year Built: Polymer Supercapacitor Production Line Production Line Clients in Russia Russia May 2020 More Details: Email: tob.amy@tobmachine.com Phone: +86-18120715609
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  • Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Lab Line in Brazilian
    Project Details: In May 2020,TOB New Energy engineers cooperated with customers to complete the installation and commissioning of the polymer lithium-ion battery lab equipment online, and all equipment was operating normally. Project Name: Category: Client: Project Location: Year Built: Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Lab Line Equipment Clients in Brazil Brazil May 2020 More Details: Email: tob.amy@tobmachine.com Phone: +86-18120715609
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  • 18650 Cylindrical Cell Production Line
    Project Details: In April 2020, TOB NEW ENERGY cylindrical cell production line equipment for the battery factory is ready. Project Name Cylindrical cell production line Category Equipment Year Built April 2020 More Details Email: tob.amy@tobmachine.com Phone: +86-18120715609
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  • TOB New Energy Supercapacitor Equipment After-sales Service Project for ARCI in Indian
    Project Details: In December 2019, the TOB after-sales service team helped Indian customers install and debug supercapacitor equipment, which is used for 6080 type threaded super capacitors. Project Name: Category: Client: Project Location: Year Built: Supercapacitor Equipment After-sales Service Equipment ARCI Indian December 2019 More Details: Email: tob.amy@tobmachine.com Phone: +86-18120715609
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  • 18650 Cell Production Line for Indonesia Battery Factory
    Project Details: TOB NEW ENERGY signs a contract with a Indonesia battery factory, this a production line for lithium battery 18650 cells manufacturing, the project has been started up successfully, everything goes well! Choose TOB, you will win a better future! Project Name: Category: Client: Project Location: Year Built: 18650 Cell Production Line Equipment Battery factory Indonesia August 2019 More Details: Email: tob.amy@tobmachine.com Phone: +86-18120715609
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what customers said
It is a pleasure doing business with supplier. Great communication and fast delivery! I ordered this coating machine and its quality is very good. I really appreciate the people who worked behind delivering the product from China to my place.
Olivia Silva
Olivia Silva
eco systcm
I chose TOB because I simply could not find any other provider that offered all the materials I needed under one platform, such NCA, NMC,graphene oxide powder,etc. I really liked the speed of the supplier and quality of the product.
Marry Smith
Marry Smith
eco systcm
We developed a great partnership with TOB New Energy and their dedication to our researching is evident in all aspects of the lab. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new inspiration to move forward.
Joe Deer
Joe Deer
eco systcm
I am thrilled to let you know that we are making great progress toward EV batteries. I can't believe how far we have come in the last 6 months. I really didn't think this awe­some progress would come so quickly. HUGE thanks to each of you all you put into TOB and the partner relationships, for creating this awesome program and bringing in the wonderful cohort we had. I am just where I dreamed of being and so thankful for the ways you supported me in making this dream a reality.If I can help in any way in the future, please count on me.
Peter Clark
Peter Clark
eco systcm
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latest news
TOB New Energy has Moved to a New Office Location Jun 24, 2020
TOB New Energy has Moved to a New Office Location
Dear TOB New Energy Customers, We are proud to announce that we have just moved to a new office location on 24 June, 2020 to accommodate our growth. Our new office address is: Room 111, Building 5th, NO.1633, Jicheng Road, Tong'an torch Industry Phase II, Tong'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, 361100 Our office number will remain the same as +86-592-7311160 / +86-18120715609. Our new and larger office space allows us to add more functions to serve our customers better. Should you have any questions on the relocation, please feel free to contact us. TOB New Energy is a company that provide total equipment and materials of lithium battery from electrode preparation to battery assembly, and more important, we also provide corresponding lithium battery technology service to our customer, we can provide a turn key battery project.
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding Process in Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing
    Ultrasonic Metal Welding Process in Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Jul 01, 2020
    As a key part in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, the welding process is applied to the connection of multiple positions of lithium battery aluminum/copper anode and cathode current collectors, electrodes, and battery packaging. Any welding joint defects will significantly affect the performance of lithium batteries. consistency. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the ultrasonic welding process. The principle of ultrasonic welding In the ultrasonic welding process, the transducer converts high-frequency electrical signals into ultrasonic vibration signals. High-frequency vibration is transmitted to the surface of the metal to be welded through the welding tool head. The interface metal oxide film is broken under a certain pressure and the intense friction of ultrasonic vibration, clean interface metal contacts and under the combined action of friction and ultrasonic softening, further plastic flow and diffusion will gradually increase the connection area and eventually form a reliable connection. Effect of welding pressure on welding The strength of the welded joint increases with pressure and then decreases. Welding pressure will change the sliding resistance of the welding interface. A small welding pressure will cause a small sliding resistance of the interface, so that the energy generated by the friction is not enough to form an effective connection at the interface; too much welding pressure causes the tool head to be pressed down too deep, welding the interface Metals bite each other, which affects the relative motion of the interface, hinders the further connection of the interface metals, and results in poor mechanical properties of the welded joint. Therefore, proper welding pressure parameters are decisive for welding quality. Effect of time on welding The welding time directly affects the energy input during the welding process and has a direct effect on the welding effect. The welding time is too short and the input energy is insufficient. It is difficult to form an effective solder joint due to insufficient friction; as the welding time increases, the temperature increases due to mutual friction, the workpiece material begins to soften, and the oxide film at the interface of the welding area is damaged and plastically deformed , Can form a better connection; when the welding time is further extended, the welding head is easy to form deep marks on the surface of the workpiece, which will adversely affect the welding effect. In addition, too long welding time will easily cause the welding head and the workpiece to be welded Bonding Effect of amplitude on welding In the ultrasonic welding process, the vibration system formed by the workpiece and the workpiece directly affects the instantaneous velocity of the vibration at the interface of the workpiece, which ultimately affects the friction heat generation and plastic deformation, which affects the welding quality. Contacts: Miss carol(Sales&Engineer) E-mail:to...
  • High Temperature Vacuum Oven Delivery
    High Temperature Vacuum Oven Delivery Jun 29, 2020
    Today, one set TOB-DZF-6050-HT high temperature vacuum oven has been sent to our USA customer. Applicable scope of high temperature oven: For laboratories and production sites of scientific research units, professional colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and other units, and drying and heat-treating items under vacuum. Heating and drying items under vacuum has the following advantages; ⑴The drying temperature can be reduced. ⑵ Avoid oxidation of some items when heated. ⑶ Avoid heating air to kill biological cells. ⑷No dust damage By the way, we also can supply full set lithium battery equipment and battery materials for lithium battery research or production, if you have any needs, feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading! Contact person:Gavin Zhu (Engineer & Sales) Email:tob.gavin@tobmachine.com Skype: tob.gavin@tobmachine.com Wechat: TOB-007
  • Five Containers of Pouch Cell Equipment to Russia
    Five Containers of Pouch Cell Equipment to  Russia Jun 19, 2020
    Today after a whole day hard work,we finally finished the five containers equipment for pouch cell pilot line to Russia. Good weather and good project. Pouch cell electrode making is same as other model electrode,it is mainly different at the assembly.From electrode stacking to sealing. Stacking After the production of the electrode, it is transferred to the stacking. The stacking means that the cathode, the separator, and the anode are stacked layer by layer to make a jolly roll. There are two main stacking methods, winding and zigzag stacking. Aluminum laminated film forming Punching, punching is a forming process for Aluminum laminated film. After feeding the aluminum-plastic film, the aluminum-plastic film is deformed through the punching die, and there is a pocket for us to store the core. Pre-sealing There are a total of four packages. The pre-package we mean refers to the top and side seals, leaving a seal to facilitate electrolyte injection. After placing the core in the pit, the entire aluminum-plastic film can be placed in the jig for top sealing and side sealing in the top side sealing machine. When encapsulating, the two heads have a certain temperature (generally around 180 ℃), and when pressed, they are pressed on the aluminum plastic film, and the PP layer of the aluminum plastic film melts and then sticks together. Second-sealing During the second seal, the air bag is punctured by a guillotine and a vacuum is drawn at the same time, so that the gas in the air bag and a small part of the electrolyte will be drawn out. Immediately afterwards, the two sealing heads are encapsulated in the second sealing area to ensure the airtightness of the cell. Finally, cut off the airbags after the packaged cells. After the second airbags are cut, you need to trim and fold the edges. That is, cut the one edge and the second edge to a suitable width, and then fold it to ensure the battery core. The width does not exceed the standard, such a soft-packed battery core is basically formed. We, TOB New Energy ,we are not only provide the battery equipment , but also provide the battery technology. Contacts: Miss carol(Sales&Engineer) E-mail:tob.mae@tobmachine.com Skype:583432443@qq.com Wechat:TOB-005

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