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battery machine and materials solution

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Sodium-ion Battery Lab Line Project Jan 26,2024

Project Name: Sodium-ion Battery Lab Line Project

Description: Xiamen Tob New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. designs and establishes a sodium-ion battery lab line for the customer's laboratory, which can manufacture pouch cell, coin cell and 18650S/1.3Ah, 32138S/10Ah, 32140S /10Ah sodium-ion cell. Xiamen Tob New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. provides a complete set of battery manufacturing technology, production line equipment, raw materials, and various consumables.

Date: May 2023

Location: China

Sodium-ion battery cathode materials have the advantages of low cost and wide distribution of raw materials and are the best alternative materials for lithium-ion battery cathode materials. The customer has been committed to the research and development of batteries, hoping to make breakthroughs in the field of sodium-ion batteries, and on this basis, provide new ideas for the optimization and exploration of other ion batteries. Therefore, they started from the sodium-ion cylindrical battery lab line to explore and verify new sodium-ion battery solutions.

Customer Requirements Form

Battery Type

 18650, 32138, 32140 Cylindrical (Compatible battery size)

Battery Size

 18650S, 32138S, 32140S, Pouch cell, Coin cell, etc.

Design Capacity

 1.3Ah, 10Ah,

Material System

 Prussian blue analogues

Main Process

 Winding process

Production Capacity



 100m2,200 m2,300 m2.....10000 m2( Depend on battery quantity/Day )

(1) Designed an overall solution for the laboratory line of sodium-ion cell.

(2) Provides a complete set of manufacturing equipment and testing equipment.

(3) Meet the user’s requirements for high safety, low-cost, high-energy density, high-capacity retention, and better high and low temperature performance.

Equipment list




Battery Slurry Mixer

 Slurry mixing


Battery Coating Machine

 Slurry coating process


 Electrode Calender

 Electrode rolling press


 Electrode Cutter

 Electrode film cutting


Electrode Slitting Machine

 Electrode slitting


Battery Winding Machine

 Battery electrode winding


Assembly line

 Battery cans and cells assembly


Filling Machine

 Electrolyte Filling


Sealing Machine

 Sealing the cells


Sorting Machine

 Sorting the cells

 1 set


 For battery testing

 1 set

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