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Dry Electrode Supercapacitor Production Line Jun 20,2022

Project Name: Dry Electrode Supercapacitor Production Line

Description: XIAMEN TOB NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. designed and established a 60138 supercapacitor production line which is using dry electrode process for the customer's battery factory, and TOB New Energy provides a full set of production technology, production line equipment, raw materials and supplies of various consumables.

Date: From January 2021 to January 2023

Location: North America

Our clients have been looking to build a complete dry electrode process supercapacitor production line.

The traditional cathode and anode electrode manufacturing process of lithium batteries usually requires the use of a solvent containing a binder, which is mixed with a conductive agent to form a slurry. The slurry is then coated on copper or aluminum foil, and the solvent is evaporated by drying. In the electrode manufacturing process, the manufacturing cost of coating and drying links accounts for about 54%. Moreover, the toxicity of the solvent is high, and the manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly. The dry electrode technology is performed in a solvent-free manner, through dry powder mixing, powder film formation, and then integrated into the current collector layer of copper foil or aluminum foil on the basis of the film, which is not only lower in manufacturing cost but also more environmentally friendly. On the one hand, they want to try to use this feasible new technology in the battery field to expand their product categories, and on the other hand, they can also accumulate technical experience for subsequent research in other directions.

 Customer Requirements Form

 Battery Type

 Full tab battery structure, Reduce the IR and increase the cycle life

 Battery Size

 4680,26980,32140,34180,60138, 66180

 Design Capacity

 26Ah, 6Ah,

 Material System


 Main Process

 Winding process

 Production Capacity



 100m2,200m2,300m2.....10000m2 ( Depend on battery quantity/Day )

(1)Design the whole line solution of large cylindrical battery.

(2)Provide a complete set of manufacturing equipment and testing equipment.

(3)Meet the customer's high capacity, high energy density, and high rate discharge requirements.

Equipment list




 Dispersing machine

 For dry powder active material dispersion



 For dry powder active material dispersion


 Powder film forming machine

 Powder to film


 Film calender

 Rolling film to suitable thickness


 Film composite machine

 Laminate the film with the substrate


 Slitting machine

 Electrode film slitting


 Winding machine

 For electrode foil and separator winding


 Assembly line

 Cans assembly


 Filling line

 Electrolyte filling


 Pre-charge line

 Pre-charge the battery


 Sealing line

 Sealing the battery cans


 Cleaning line

 Cleaning the battery


 Sorting line

 Sorting of batteries by capacity and internal resistance


 Packaging line

 Pack the battery


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