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Mixing Equipment for Battery Manufacturing Jun 28,2019

1L Vacuum Laboratory Battery Slurry Mixing machine TOB-QVM-1L

1. The TOB-QVM-1L system vacuum mixer is a laboratory small vacuum mixing equipment, it is an efficient equipment with vacuum mixing and dispersion.

2. This vacuum mixer has customized volume from 1L to 5L according to customer’s requirement.

3. The vacuum mixer is mainly used for lithium battery experimental process, for battery anode/cathode material vacuum slurry mixing as well as powder materials, and mixture of all kinds of ceramic.

5L Lithium Ion Battery Slurry Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine TOB-XFZH05

Various types of common battery powder and liquid mixing, eventually get a mixed uniform battery slurry. It is suitable for high viscosity process.

Vacuum Mixer Machine TOB-XJB-500

TOB-XJB-500 Planetary vacuum mixer is one high efficiency equipment with vacuum molding and dispersion function,suitable for the battery lab research of anode and cathode electrode slurry mixing process , as well as for the powdered and ceramic material materials mixing.

TOB-SFM-6E battery mixing machine

1. TOB-SFM-6E vacuum mixing machine is designed for making battery slurry under vacuum station.

2. This machine is electric lift without air supply.

Lab Mixing Machine TOB-ZKJB-150

This vacuum mixer is vacuum mixing, dispersion efficient equipment, it is suitable for battery electrode paste and various ceramic materials mixing, due to complete the process in vacuum station, fully implemented without air bubbles,improve the filling material and density.

Battery small mixing machine from TOB NEW ENERGY

This is a small mixing machine, can mixing lithium ion battery's cathode material, anode materials, suitable for small quantity and battery lab usage.

Vacuum mixing machine TOB-PVM-5L

1. This TOB-PVM-5L Planetary vacuum mixer machine is a set of vacuum mixing, dispersion of efficient equipment, suitable for lithium electricity experiment process is anode paste mixing process, solder paste, silica gel, chemical industry, etc.

2. The vacuum planetary mixer is excellent for preparing LiCoO3, LiFePO4, Phosphors, etc.

Auto Grinding Mill Machine TOB-SFM-8

TOB-SFM-8 is designed for grinding & mixing small batch of chemical and compound automatically for R&D laboratory. Its mortar and height adjustable pestle are designed for efficient, easy, and uniform grinding. The mortar can be taken off easily for cleaning. It is an excellent tool for preparing various ceramic materials in research lab so as to save labor. Grinding time can be set using the automated controller. Minimum granularity can be as small as microns even nanometers.

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