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battery machine and materials solution

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Battery Spot Welder Jun 28,2019

18650 Cylinder Cell tab Welder Pneumatic Welding Machine TOB-PS250

This TOB-PS250 Spot welding machine mainly used for 18650 battery pack tab welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.05-0.25mm. You can also choose our other model according to your tab Thickness.

Battery spot welding machine Single point

This single point battery spot welder is used for cylinder cell bottom Ni tab with Stainless steel welding.

Battery Pack Spot Welding Machine TOB-HDP-3000S

For 18650 cylinder cell battery pack with Nickel tab thickness from 0.05-0.35mm.

Automatic Roll to Roll Tab Welder Machine

This is a automatic roll to roll welder battery tab spot welding machine

Automatic spot welder with rotary welding head TOB-DH10000-R

This machine is used for 18650,26650,32650 cylinder battery pack automatic spot welding. Rotary welding head is with more good result for pure nickel tab.

Battery Spot Welding Machine TOB-APR30

This pneumatic spot welding machine is mainly used for 18650 cylinder call pack welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.02-0.2mm with good welding effect.

TOB-DH10000 Auto welding machine

This machine is used for 18650, 26650, 32650 cylinder battery pack automatic spot welding, it can weld both side together with high speed and good effect.

Ultrasonic Spot Welder TOB-USW-24KHZ

This ultrasonic spot welder machine used for battery shell weld, can be used for battery tab welding,al metal,nickel metal welding.

Battery Anode Electrode Spot Welder

Battery spot welder is for battery tabs welding,copper with nickel welding,to weld the tabs with metal foil together.can be Cu+Ni,Al+Al,or others,we can be customed.

18650 battery pack automatic welding machine from TOB NEW ENERGY

This is an automatic battery welding machine for welding cylinder battery,like 18500,18650,26650,32650, etc.

Battery welding machine for 30 to 60 layers Al or Ni from TOB NEW ENERGY

This ultrasonic welding machine can used for lithium ion battery tab welding,suit for big quantity Al or Copper foil welding with Al,Ni,or Ni coated with copper,welding lays can be 30 to 60 layers for the Al or Cu foils with the tabs,and stable.

Desk Top Ultrasonic Electrode Welder Metal Spot Welding Machine

The Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine is an ultrasonic metal welder designed for welding li ion battery anode electrode sheets aluminum and Ni tab onto current collectors to prepare Li-Ion pouch cells in R&D laboratories and production line.

Lab Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine for 18650 Battery Assemble TOB-VS-50A

TOB-VS-50A Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine is an ultrasonic metal welder use for cylinder cell Aluminum tab and Cap welding.

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