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Aluminum laminated film shipped to Spain


Aluminum laminated film is one of the five major materials of lithium ion battery, and it is a pouch cell packaging material. The aluminum laminated film consists of an outer layer of nylon layer/adhesive/intermediate aluminum foil/adhesive/internal heat seal layer, which is composed of five layers, and each layer has higher functional requirements.

Aluminum laminated film

The barrier properties, puncture resistance, electrolyte stability, high temperature resistance and insulation of the aluminum laminated film affect the performance of the lithium ion battery. Any lack of one aspect may lead to a decline in battery performance and is directly scrapped.

TOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED can supply full set of lithium ion battery materials and equipment, looking forward to receiving a inquiry from your company.

Today, six rolls aluminum laminated film have been sent to our Spain customer, at present the company is in the development stage and will soon be put into production. 

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