CR2016 button cell case with sealing O-ring

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  • Item Num :T-2016-304SS
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Subject : CR2016 button cell case with sealing O-ring


CR2016 Coin Cell Case With Sealing O-ring- 316 stainless steel

Packing: 100sets /bag     


     Diameter / mm

      Thickness / mm











When you order more than 5000sets, Our also can put your company Logo on to case and give you the wholesale price .

The advantage of the 316: 316SS and 304SS on the chemical composition of the main difference is that 316SS contains Mo, and generally accepted, the 316 has better corrosion resistance, more resistant to corrosion under high temperature environment.

It is most suitable for the sealing machine(TOB-MR-120)

2025 coin cell case

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