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Lithium battery electrolyte filling process analyze


The electrolyte function of the lithium battery is to conduct ions between the positive and negative electrodes, and acts as a medium for charging and discharging, just like the blood of the human body.

electrolyte filling

Lithium battery injection can be divided into two steps:filling and infiltration.Infiltration is a more critical and difficult step.During this step,electrolyte is diffuse at electrode.There are three force interactions in this process:the pressure Fi from the electrolyte flow, the capillary force due to the surface tension Fs, and the resistance Fg generated by the air in the hole.So,Vacuum-pressure filling is beneficial to electrolyte infiltration.When filling the electrolyte, vacuuming the battery can reduce the resistance generated by the air, while pressurizing the electrolyte can increase the driving force of the liquid flow. 

electrolyte filling machine

Our filling machine can help us achieve the filling effect that we want(Our liquid filling machine can help us achieve the liquid injection effect we want.). We are TOB NEW ENERGY,we are not only provide the machine of the battery,but also provide the knowledge of battery.

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