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Roll To Roll Battery Electrode Roller Press Machine

On March 08th 2019, we send one set of Roller Press Machine to USA. this equipment is mainly serves for increasing active material density of the electrode in Li-Ion batteries research after coating.
The process for making lithium ion battery electrode: preparation of slurry by mixing binder and conductive agent ,active substrate.then coated in both side of aluminum foil and copper foil. After being dried, the solvent is removed to form an electrode, the electrode particle coating compacted to densified, and then cut. rolling pressure is the most commonly used compaction process for lithium battery electrodes. compared with other processes, the roll pressure has a great change in the structure of the electrode hole, and it also affects the distribution state of the conductive agent, thereby affecting the electrochemical performance of the battery. In order to obtain an optimized pore structure, It is important to fully understand the roll compaction process.

In short, in the research and development of lithium battery technology, we also need to pay special attention to the manufacturing process.

battery electrode rolling press machine

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