Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Winding Machine

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Subject : Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Winding Machine


Semi-Automatic Cylindrical or Square Lithium Ion Battery Winding Machine


Product description

This semi-auto winding machine is suitable for cylindrical or square lithium ion battery winding,  including artificial feeding electrode sheet, automatic needle extraction and automatic winding, then artificial sticker adhesive and discharge.


Suitable for oily electrode, watery electrode and various separators

The width of feeding trough(guide plate) can be adjusted, single side adjustable

Winding shaft adopts stepper motor drive, keep the winding speed constant.

The tension of the electrode and the tension of the separator in the winding process are relatively constant. The consistency of the tension of the winding core and the positional consistency of the electrode and the separator are good; the capacity of the battery core and the uniformity of the internal resistance are improved.

The diaphragm is continuous, reduce man-made contact during winding process, reduce the internal short circuit and self-discharge of the cell.

Equipment is stable and efficient;

Humanized design, simple operation.

Main performance parameters






Winding accuracy




Control parameters setting

Touch screen operation interface, working parameters can be set



Electrode feeding method

Enter the negative electrode first and then enter the positive electrode, or the opposite process

According to the process requirements


Outer covering ending method

Separator outer covering or electrode outer covering

According to the process requirements


Winding needle

Φ3.5-φ5mmCircular type

38-60Square type



Production takt

5-7ppm Circular type

3-5PPM Square type

Take a 750mm length electrode as a standard, takt time is related to the length of the electrode, the worker's operating proficiency and the quality of the electrode.


Pass rate




Utilization rate


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