150℃ Double Drum Round Vacuum Oven

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Subject : 150℃ Double Drum Round Vacuum Oven


150℃ Double Drum Round Vacuum Oven For Roller Battery Electrode Baking


The Round Vacuum Oven is dedicated to the Li ion battery electrode drying processes for producing. The vacuum oven working chamber is equipped with cylindrical cantilever, can hang the whole roll electrode, with maximum bearing weight up to 400 kg.

The TOB-JK-ZKHX-AR2 Round vacuum oven is equipped with two drums, you can also choose single drum, three drum or four drum according the battery production line output.


Double Drum Round Vacuum Oven   TOB-JK-ZKHX-AR2

Working Voltage

AC110V/220V, 50/60HZ

Max. Power Consumption


Temperature range

RT-150℃ For battery material and electrode baking, with accuracy≤±

Vacuum degree

-98Kpa, Can maintain limited vacuum degree up to 24hours

Working chamber size

Dia 450*700, can customized according request

Product Dimensions




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