Compact Manual Disassembling Machine For Cylinder Cell

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Subject : Compact Manual Disassembling Machine For Cylinder Cell


Compact Disassembling Machine for 18650, 26650, 32650 Cylindrical Cell Cases


MSK-530 is a compact manually-operated machine for disassembling cylinder cases in battery R&D lab. The compact body design allows easy operation inside a glove box to preserve & prevent the electrolyte and active materials from contamination during case disassembling. Simple operation with safety protection cover allows customers to master the disassembling procedure within 5 minutes


18650 cylindrical cell disassembling machine  MSK-530

Supply Voltage

AC220V Single phase

(110VAC available with a transformer)



Slicing Motor Speed

1000 rpm

Die Rotating Speed

1000 rpm

Micrometer Accuracy



One year limited with lifetime support

Product Dimensions

480mm(L) x320mm(W) x 230mm(H)


Standard disassembling die for 18650 case.

Additional die sets available for 26650 and 32650 as option.

Net Weight

35 kg 

Shipping Weight & Dimensions

100 lbs; 40"x20"x20"

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