Continuous Hydraulic Roller Heat Press Machine For Lithium Battery

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Subject : Continuous Hydraulic Roller Heat Press Machine For Lithium Battery


Continuous Hydraulic Roller Heat Press Machine For Lithium Battery


Through putting pressure on roller’s crack, the dual function of pressure on loose electrodes and roll cracks prompt the drawing sheet reach to the presupposed thickness or the presupposed density. The lithium battery reaches the preset volume energy density and battery performance at last.

 Model   TOB-YDG-400*450 Hydraulic Roller Press Machine
Suitable system

Lithium iron phosphate, Cobalt acid lithium, Manganese acid lithium,Lithium nickel manganese cobalt, such like the above continuous rolling technology of positive and negative battery plate.

Roller base material The aluminum foil(12-1.5um),copper foil(6um-1.5mm),width:150mm-400mm.
Roller mode  Two rollers up and down horizontal roll pressure, the drive is on the right of the feed end (Motor drive bit)
Work pressure Pump station provide constant pressure, suitable for high pressure rolling of positive pole and low pressure adjustment of negative pole.
Equipment speed  No grade, the up and down roll line in the same speed.(Max20m/min)

Bearing clearance automatic adjustment function

Using the cylinder to adjust, open automatically.
Control way PLC, touch screen digital control
Feeding part φ76mmX450mm Gas expanding shaft unwinding, lock valve design, with blunt air gun
Picking platform Stainless steel front feeding platform
Tension control Through the shaft pressure sensor collect signal, magnetic powder brake adjustment(adjusting range: 2.3-20kg), constant tension can be set in the scope of 0-50N .
Correcting system Photoelectric correction, linear guide(maximum range of movement is 100mm)
Corrective action Stepper motor(1.27NM).
Mill dimension About 2.9m X 1.2m X 2.1m
The shape of the mill line 7.0m X 3.5m X 2.5m
Mill weight About 14 tons
Mill line weight About 14 tons

Video Display



Edge cutting system before sheet rolling

Dedusting system before electrode rolling

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