Cylinder Battery 18650 Cell Semi-auto Grooving Machine

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Subject : Cylinder Battery 18650 Cell Semi-auto Grooving Machine


Semi-auto Grooving Mahcine for Cylinder Battery Supercapacitor Can Channeling

CE Certificate:

Battery Semi-auto Grooving Machine for all kinds of cylinder battery 18650, 26650, CR123A and supercapacitor with changing die.


Functional overview:

It is used in the channeling process of cylindrical battery that is producted in laboratory and enterprise in small scale.

Functional characteristic:

The channeling molds that are equipped withstandard 18650 cylindrical battery;

It can be used in the channeling process of the steel shells of 26650 and other cylindrical battery by relace molds;

The dimension of the channeling can be adjusted slightly,the size is small,which makes it easy to operate and the appearance is attractive;

The channeling is high precision and the dimension is stable.

Power source AC200V/50HZ
Total power 200W
Air source 0.5-0.7Mpa
Depth of the channeling 1.2-2.0mmadjustable
Width of the channeling 1.5mmThe thickness of the hob can be customized
Machining accuracy ±0.1mm
Hob life >One million times
Capacity semi-automatic 400 ea/h
Channeling molds 18650,26650etc.
Channeling time 0-99s(adjustable)
Dimensions 720L*380(W)*480(H)mm
Weight 52Kg

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Semi-auto Grooving Machine

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