Electric Coin Cell Crimping Machine

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Subject : Electric Coin Cell Crimping Machine


Coin Cell Cripmer Electric Crimping Machine Disassembling Tool

Technical specifications

This electric coin cell crimping machine mainly use for laboratory battery material research,it can be also used for small scale button battery production in factory.It is equipped with electric driver, compare with hydraulic type, it is labor-saving.You can also change the die for dry powder tablets, wet powder tablets, press molding, riveting and other operations.

Features : 

a Touch screen operation, easy to set parameters, high degree of automation.

b Set and display the sealing pressure value is available.

c It can be put into glove box through φ360 antechamber without barrier.

d The use of electric drive, coin cell cases crimping process without vibration and leakage.

e Precise mold ensures accurate and reliable sealing, strong steel structure design, stable and safe.

f Small size, easy operation, it can be operated in the glove box.

g Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, It has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, accurate molding and so on.


Electric Crimping and Disassemble Machine TOB-DF-160


110V/220V AC±10% 50Hz/60Hz




Max 1200KG, digital display can be set

Work stroke



Standard die for CR20 series crimping, other dies is optional


Precision controlled sealing pressure; the pressure is shown on the screen

and it can be set freely.


One year with lifetime support



Net weight


Operation Video

Product Display

Electric Crimping Machine for Coin Cell

Lab compact Electic Coin Cell Crimper Machine

Laboratory Electric Coin Cell Crimping Machine

Lab compact Electic Coin Cell Crimper

Coin Cell Electric Crimper


a. Always wipe the dirt from the guide post and other moving parts and keep them clean. Lubricate with oil to keep the movement smooth.

b. When you don’t use this electric crimping machine , please turn off the power and return the moving plate to its original position. If you do not use it for a long time, remove the upper mold screw and take out the crimping die to clean it. Keep the surface clean and smooth with oil.

c. Periodically inspect the screws, nuts, pins and other fasteners on various parts of the electric crimping machine to check and prevent loosening and prevent machine quality accidents and personal accidents.

d. It is forbidden to put the hand and other parts into the danger zone of the guiding post, slide plate and work area . During operation, two or more persons are not allowed to operate it at the same time,m it is to avoid accidental injury.

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