Electrolyte Diffusion Chamber For Battery Research

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Subject : Electrolyte Diffusion Chamber For Battery Research


Electrolyte Diffusion Chamber for Professional Li-on Battery Lab Research


TOB-JZ300 electrolyte diffusion chamber is specifically designed for professional Li-ion Battery Research. It is mainly used for removing air from the electrolyte after it's been injected into the polymer Li-ion cell/cylinder cell or after the formation for final sealing under a vacuumed condition. It is easy to operate and suitable for all types of batteries (especially soft bag battery and cylinder battery). Unique periods of vacuum control system allows electrolyte to thoroughly saturate the electrodes to ensure the best battery charging-discharging performance.


 Electrolyte Diffusion Chamber   TOB-JZ300

Power Supply

110-240 V, Single Phase 50/60Hz

Max. Power



One year limited with life time support

Compress Air


Inner Chamber Size


326*220*170mm, Can customize the size according to glove box size

Chamber Body

12mm thick Aluminum case with observation window

Vacuum Level

Vacuum condition remains stable, 

vacuum degree and vacuum circulation times can be set independently

Vacuum mode (once or twice) can be selected

Easy program setting for specific vacuum condition

Vacuum degree can up to -95kpa, with good sealing, 

can guarantee 1 minute air leakage is not more than 0.01 MPa

Vacuum Condition Hold Time

0 - 9999 sec, adjustable

Product Dimensions


Vacuum Box: 480*300* 450mm

Control Unit: 460*220*340mm

Application Notes

Please choose the vacuum pre-sealing machine and vacuum pump together for immediately use

Net Weight

40 kg

Video Display


Procust display

Electrolyte diffusion chamber

Diffusion chamber

The electrolyte diffusion chamber needs work in the glove box, it has pipes to let the controller box outside the glove box and just vacuum standing box in glove box, first, it can save some space, second, it can also protect the controller box without electrolyte corrosion.

Vacuum sealer outside controller pipeVacuum sealer pipe

Safety light curtain For operating safety

Safety light curtain


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