High Precision Battery Testing Machine

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Subject : High Precision Battery Testing Machine


High Precision Battery  Testing System


1. BTS series high-precision battery testing machine system Scope:comprehensive performance testing for lithium polymer, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lead-acid battery of ; battery materials research; small quantities of cell production and capacity into sorting; combination of battery, laptop battery testing.

2.System hardware is stable and reliable, each channel has an independent constant-current and constant voltage source hardware.

3. Hight speed data acquisition , accurately capture the details of the changes of voltage and current, with log function. powerful data and curve processing, report function. Data and curve can be exported to Excel, Word, data and curves can be edited.

4.Full range of clamp  can be adapted to test for different specifications batteries, button batteries, battery combination.

5.Complete model: design and manufacture various types of equipment according to customer, current within 1mA ~ 1000A, voltage within 2V ~ 500V ,also can increase the negative voltage. 6.Can be used offline, can be measured temperature and resistance, and the laptop battery SMbus function. (This refers to models with resistance and temperature)

7.Supplied voltage current accuracy calibration software, you can change the box and variable range.

8.Optional serial port, network and USB link. PC software using Client / Server mode, remote control, a server can be linked up to 250 clients (including remote customer). Efficient and reliable use Tcp / Ip protocol, easy expansion, you can use the existing office network and computer equipment operation and cost savings.

Unit appearance

Technical Specifications   Single module Unit (Type BTS-3008)

Input Power

 220 V ±10%  / 50 Hz
 Current output range  ±2200mA
 Voltage measuring range  5V
 Input impedance  ≥10MΩ 
 Power  100W 
 Current measurement accuracy  ±0.2% of reading + 0.1% of range
 Voltage Measurement Accuracy  ±0.1% of reading + 0.05% of range
 Current / voltage / time resolution  0.1mA /0.1mV/s
 Cyclic measurement range  1-9999times
 Data recording condition  timeΔt (1 ~900s)VoltageΔV (5-5000mV);Current ΔI (1.5-2200mA)
 Connector  RJ45 network
 The number of channels per Unit  point
 Volume  197D x 245W x 60H   (unitmm)
 Weight  about10kg


Pouch cell testing clamps

Pouch cell testing clamps

Cylinder cell testing clamps

Cylinder cell testing clamps

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