Hot-Press Machine For Lithium Pouch Cell SEI Formation

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Subject : Hot-Press Machine For Lithium Pouch Cell SEI Formation


Hot-Press Machine For Lithium Ion Pouch Cell SEI Formation 


1. Equipment function

The equipment is mainly used for the soft-package lithium-ion battery to be formed under the hot pressing state, which can replace the baking process of the existing battery formation process, shorten the formation time, reduce the battery production cycle, reduce the labor, and the surface of the battery after the gas-sealing is more flat and looks more beautiful. At the same time, it completes the formation and compression molding of the battery. This equipment consists of 1 set of formation cabinet, 1 set of clamp with 8 layers.

2. Main action flow of equipment

The chemical cabinet has 16 channels. The machine consists of three parts: rack, forming clamps and power supply. It has functions of heating, temperature control, charging, data connection, communication function security, protection function and smoke alarm.

Temperature control start--the door is opened--the clamp is opened--the battery is manually placed--the clamp is pressed--the door is closed--the fomation is started--the automatic completion of the clamps--the door is opened--the battery is manually taken out.

Hot pressing temperature control range

 room temperature +10 ° C ~ 90 ° C

 Hot pressing temperature control accuracy

± 4 ° C (temperature difference between layers in the same layer clamp)

Temperature rise time

about 20 minutes (target temperature: 80 ° C)

Pressure setting range

 40 ~ 470kg

 Pressure control accuracy


Pressure setting resolution


Environment temperature

 25 ± 15 ° C

Relative humidity

30% -- 75%

Atmospheric pressure


Compressed air


No strong electromagnetic field interference and corrosive gas erosion

Air cleanliness

close to 300,000

Power Requirements

Customer provides power cabinet


16 channels


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