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Battery Grade Copper Foil Apr 14,2021

Battery Copper foil is an anode material made of copper and a certain proportion of other metals.Copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can be attached to various substrates, such as metals, insulating materials, etc., and has a wide temperature range. Electronic information and lithium batteries are the mainstream application areas of copper foil.

Copper foil is both a carrier of anode electrode active material in lithium ion batteries. It is also the collector and conductor of anode electrode electrons. Therefore, it has special technical requirements, that is, it must have good electrical conductivity, the surface can be coated with the anode electrode material without falling off, and it must have good corrosion resistance.

copper foilanode foil

As a key raw material for lithium-ion batteries, the thickness, tensile strength, elongation, uniformity, surface properties and other indicators of copper foil directly affect the cycle performance and energy density of lithium-ion batteries.

The future development trend of copper foil for lithium ion battery

1. Copper foil has higher requirements for performance, accuracy and consistency;

2. The thickness is thinner, to meet the high volume capacity requirements of lithium ion batteries. The current direction is to develop copper foil with thickness less than 9m;

3. Micro-treatment of the surface to enhance the oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, as well as the adhesion strength with the negative electrode active material;

4. In order to adapt to the polymer lithium ion battery and high capacity alloy type anode material, the development of two-dimensional and three-dimensional copper foil.

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