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Installation and Debugging of Cylindrical Battery Production Line Jan 14,2022

The TOB engineer team and the technical staff of the customer company took nearly 2 months to complete the equipment installation and commissioning of the cylindrical lithium battery production line. During this process, we encountered many problems, some of which could not be solved by the on-site engineers, and communicated with the technical team of China TOB Company through online means to ensure that each process can be completed smoothly according to the technological requirements. Now this production line has been able to successfully produce qualified batteries, I believe that after a period of exploration and running-in, they will soon start formal production.

slurry machine


The customer is very satisfied with the service of the TOB team, and said that the communication with our company's engineers and technicians is very smooth, and the TOB's technical staff also do their best, will also provide long-term technical support and help customers improve battery performance, etc.

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We also admire the professionalism of the customer's technical team. They have done a lot of preparation work in the early stage. The equipment layout and basic assembly have been prepared in advance, so that we can complete the equipment debugging in this short period of time. We patiently solve the problems of the equipment and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment step by step.

We are also very grateful to our customers for their warm reception. They provided a lot of help in travel and life, which made us very happy to work abroad. We also returned to China successfully recently.

The TOB team will continue to follow up and provide high-quality after-sales service. We also look forward to the smooth operation of the customer's production line to achieve the expected plan and goal.

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Thank you for reading!

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