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Battery Shrink Wrap Machine

PVC Shrink Wrap Machine For Cylindrical Battery

The automatic film covering machine is used for cylindrical battery automatic sleeve PET/PVC sleeve, add insulation pad and heat shrink molding. 
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Product Detail

PVC Shrink Wrap Machine For Cylindrical Battery


1 Introduction to device functions and principles

The automatic film covering machine is used for cylindrical battery automatic sleeve PET/PVC sleeve, add insulation pad and heat shrink molding. The whole machine adopts the chain conveying structure, the battery is adsorbed on the high temperature magnet seat, the chain is stepped and conveyed, and the positioning sleeve heat shrinkable tube, the positioning punching top insulating sheet, the secondary positioning, the hot air contraction, the CCD detection appearance, the battery assembly line automatic discharging are completed in sequence.ect. 

2 Equipment Workflow

Hopper feeding→Battery automatically to the conveyor chain magnet holder→Chain stepping conveyor battery→Positioning sleeve heat shrinkable tube→Positioning punching top insulation sheet→Automatic mat test to detect the presence or absence of defective products→Casing fixed height→second Position→Heat shrink→Battery off the magnet holder→CCD Film appearance inspection→Battery discharge to the assembly line 

3 Equipment technical parameters

3.1, Product qualification rate: 99% (only refers to product scrap due to equipment reasons)

3.2, Equipment capacity / speed: ≥ 55-60PPM, Double work station is about 100-110ppm; (since the material is slightly different)

3.3, Equipment utilization rate: ≥ 98% (only caused by equipment failure)

3.4, Equipment electrical: voltage 380V 50Hz; voltage fluctuations less than ± 10%; equipment power: 7KW;

3.5, Gas source requirements: ≥0.6Mpa (provided by the customer);

3.6, Machine design should be excellent in ergonomics

3.7. Machine structural materials are preferably made of aluminum and stainless steel or electroplated for corrosion protection.

4 Equipment general configuration and standards
4.1. Equipment color: It is made according to the color plate provided by Party A.
4.2. Measured from the outer wall of the machine 100mm, equipment noise ≤ 80 db.
4.3. Supplied with English operation manual and equipment maintenance manual.
4.4. Randomly deliver the electrical control chart of the machine, the pneumatic control chart, and the specifications of the purchased parts.
4.5. Provide a list of wearing parts, including name, number of single machines, specifications or drawings, brands and other information.
4.6, The entire line of equipment can be connected to the MES system (but does not contain MES system)

5 Equipment use environment requirements
5.1. Ambient temperature: determined by Party A's plant environment;
5.2. Control power supply: three-phase 380V, 50HZ, 5KVA voltage fluctuation range: +10%~–10%;
5.3, compressed air: after drying, filtration and voltage regulation: the outlet pressure is greater than 6.0kg / cm2;
5.4. Vacuum: The vacuum source is provided by Party A, ≤-90KPa; (the manufacturer provides a stable vacuum source - 70KPa) 


PVC Shrink Wrap Machinebattery PVC Shrink Wrap MachineBattery PVC Wrap Machine

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