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18650 battery spot welding machine

18650 Battery Spot Welding Machine

This pneumatic spot welding machine is mainly used for 18650 cylinder cell pack welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.02-0.2mm with good welding effect. For single point, used for Ni tab weld with steel case.

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Product Detail

Table Single Point Pneumatic Welding Machine for 18650 Cylinder Cell Welder


Microcomputer precision double pulse spot welding machine

This pneumatic spot welding machine is mainly used for 18650 cylinder call pack welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.02-0.2 mm with good welding effect.

The Pneumatic model is with smaller volume and weight, easy for international shipping.

Sinlge point needle can be used for Ni tab weld with Stainless steel case.

1 Microcomputer control, CNC current adjust

2 High precision welding power

3 Digital tube display, keyboard control, welding parameters flash storage.

4 Double pulse welding, make welding more firmly.

5 Small welding sparks, solder joint uniform appearance, the surface is clean

6 Welding times can be set

7 Can set preloading time, the holding time, time to rest,  the welding speed can be adjusted.

8 Large power, stable and reliable.

9 Double needle pressure adjustable separately, Suitable for different thickness of Nickel strip.





Welding current


Welding power

0-99% adjustable

Welding method

Double pulse

Maximum output power


Voltage supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz±2Hz

Welding way

Ordinary welding and continuous automatic welding

Time setting


Automatic counting function






Package weight


Package size



18650 table spot welding machine

Table spot welding machine

18650 battery welding

Long Welding Needle For Bottom Welding

  Cylinder battery welding machine welding needle


18650 table spot welder

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