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  • China Leading Battery Crush Testing Machine Manufacturer
    Battery Crush Testing Machine
    Battery Safety Testing Equipment Li-ion Battery Extrusion Test Machine SPECIFICATIONS TOB-BET-6045Battery Crush Testing Machineis a professional battery safety testing equipment, It tests battery safety performance through extrusion test, the battery should be no fire, no explosion after extrusion. It is the indispensable testing equipment for various battery manufacturers and research institute. Model Battery Crush Testing Machine  TOB-BE-6045 Source voltage AC 380V, 50/60HZ Power 1500W Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support Dimension(W*D*H) 680*570*1740mm Weight 200kg Controller dimension (W*D*H) 330*330*1040mm Max pressure 1000N-13KN, Customized   Upper pressure plate diameter 15cm Pressure error 1% Power model Hydraulic Max test space (D*W*H) 200*200*200mm View window dimension 200*200mm, 10mm thickness Double explosion-proof glass Anti explosion case Bottom is provided with four universal wheels, and can move freely Exhaust fan port 15mm diameter PACKAGE AND SHIPPING 1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box package 2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customer's requirements to suggest the most suitable shipping mode 3 Responsible for the damage during shipping process, change the damage part for free 4 Supply with suitable voltage input and power plug according to customer's country requirements. SERVICES 1 We supply machines with battery technology support. 2 We can also supply a full set of materials for lithium battery including polymer battery, cylinder battery, mobile phone battery, EV battery. 3 We can also supply a full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line. 4 We can also supply a full set of battery technology for battery design, research and producing. We cooperated with each other, and we will do TOP OF THE BEST battery  Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com  Skype : amywangbest86  Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609
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  • Computer control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine
    Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine
    Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine SPECIFICATIONS 1.Technical requirements Model Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine   TOB-BE-6045C Source voltage 3∮5W  380V 50HZ 5000W Dimension(W*D*H) 1200W*1100D*1800H Weight 1500kg Max pressure 10t,20t,30t,50t,80t,100t Force value Resolution 1/100,000 Force error ±1% Drive mode Electro-hydraulic servo drive Extrusion speed 1~200MM/S(Adjustable) Unit Conversion KG/N/LB Test space 600W*600D*600H MM (customized) Voltage acquisition frequency 200times/S Temperature acquisition frequency 2 channels,2times/S Test hole On the left,50mm diameter hole attached a stainless  steel lid Visual window Double-proof glass300*300MM and affixed with  explosion-proof film, and with steel mesh 2.Standard configuration Item Quantity Host and protective box 1set Computer Cabinets 1set Lenovo computer 1set Surveillance camera system 1set Voltage acquisition system 1set Temperature acquisition system 1set Wavy extrusion plate 1set Round-shaped extrusion plate Customizable Factory inspection report 1set Stainless steel tray 1set  Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com  Skype : amywangbest86  Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609
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  • China Leading Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine Manufacturer
    Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine
    Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine  SPECIFICATIONS 1.Technical requirements Model Horizontal Computer Control Power Battery Crush Testing Machine   TOB-BE-AP-6045 Source voltage 3∮5W  380V 50HZ 5000W Dimension(W*D*H) 2500W*1000D*1000H MM Weight 1500kg Max pressure 10t,20t, 50t,80t Battery size 500W*500D*500H MM,Customized 1000*1000*1000 or bigger Force error ±1% Drive mode Electro-hydraulic servo drive Extrusion speed 0.1~500MM/S(Adjustable) Unit Conversion kgf,lbf,N,KN,Kpa,Mpa Stroke Resolution 0.005mm Data collection frequency 200times/S Signal transmission mode RS 232 or USB Test hole On the left,50mm diameter hole attached a stainless  steel lid Visual window Double-proof glass800*300MM and affixed with  explosion-proof film, and with steel mesh 2.Standard configuration Host  1set Brand computer 1set Color Inkjet Printer 1set Surveillance camera system 1set Voltage acquisition system 1set 8 channels temperature acquisition system 1set Special - shaped extrusion plate 1set Round-shaped extrusion plate 1set Operating Instructions 1set Factory inspection report 1set  Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com  Skype : amywangbest86  Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609
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