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Client Feedback - Lithium-ion Battery Lab Line Built by TOB Come into Use May 10,2022

The research and development of any kind of lithium battery is a long process, determine the requirements,product design, establish the lab line, process development, process verification, establish pilot line and final mass production, each step requires numerous experiments to ensure that everything is optimized.
This time, we received the good news from the customer that the lithium ion battery lab line built by TOB New Energy for them has been officially put into operation, and all the battery equipment and battery materials are in normal operation. hope everything goes well with them.

Vacuum Oven

This TOB-DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven is suitable for lithium battery sector in lithium battery materials, electrode and battery cells vacuum drying. It is mainly used For scientific research units, specialty universities, laboratories, industrial mining enterprises etc and production field for materials drying and heat treatment under the vacuum state. Use TOB-DZF-6050 Vacuum drying oven for material heating drying under vacuum states has advantages: Can reduce the drying temperature. Avoid some objects heating to oxidation. No dust damage.

battery coating machine

Because the customer wants better coating effect to help the battery achieve better performance, we recommend this slot die coater for their battery laboratory. This TOB-JYCM-800 is a slot die coating solution. The lab desktop slot die coating machine is mainly used for lithium battery electrode coating for coin cell assembly and pouch cell research. This slot die coater includes a coating machine with a total length of 800mm, a film applicator with slot die head and a piston pump for battery slurry feeding.

In addition to that, we also provide the electrode rolling press mahcinegrooving machineglove boxcoin cell crimpercylindrical cell sealing machine and battery tester as shown below.

electrode rolling press machine
grooving machine
glove box
battery tester
If you are interested in lithium ion batteries and lithium ion battery equipment, please contact us for more information.

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