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TOB New Energy Custom Battery Lab Equipment Testing Before Delivery Apr 13,2022

TOB New Energy always pays attention to product quality, and we always insist that each battery equipment is fully tested before delivery, to ensure that each equipment is qualified and excellent performance products.

battery heat sealing machine

pouch cell case top and side sealing testing

The lithium ion battery laboratory equipment we sent to the customer in this batch includes: 2 small lab mixers, 1 electric coin cell crimping machine (upgraded version), 1 hydraulic desktop battery electrode die cutter(with custom cutting die), 1 semi-automatic electrode die cutter and 1 top & side sealing machine(400mm sealing width).

battery lab equipment

We have always been committed to the improvement of our battery machine, For example, the desktop electrode die cutting machine delivered this time, Some customers have reported that the cutting die of this cutting machine has no positioning device, it is easy to cause the battery electrode to skew and exceed the boundary during cutting. Therefore, we decided to install a simple laser positioning device free of charge on the basis of the original equipment in the future. In order to help our customers in the battery experiment, to achieve a better experience.

die cutting machine
die cutting machine

Similarly, we have also made an upgrade to our electric coin cell crimper, the latest model of the electric coin cell crimping machine now has a faster sealing speed, less noise.

Coin Cell Cripmer

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