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China Leading Pouch Cell Assemble Line Manufacturer

Pouch Cell Assemble Line

TOB offers the most professional pouch cell and supercapacitor assemble line equipment for battery research and manufacturing.
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Product Detail

Pouch Cell and Supercapacitor Assemble Line


TOB NEW ENERGY : 20 Years Service For Battery Industry

Suit for Battery Type: Pouch,Cylinderical,Polymer,Al shell, Machines:Battery and Super Capacitor Lab Equipment ,Manual,Semi-suto,Auto machine and line,Battery Testing Machines.

Battery Production Line: Supply"Turn key"Project service.
Technology: Batttery Technology consulting,Guidance,Training,Transfer...etc
Materials: Battery and Super Capacitor Materials(A full set)

Select TOB NEW ENERGY On the choice of a high-level battery team !


pouch cell assemble line

Pouch Cell Lab Research Process and Equipment

 Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com
 Skype : amywangbest86
 Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609

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Manual Pouch Cell Manufacturing Line
It is a manual battery production line for lithium-ion pouch cell manufacturing.
Semi-auto Pouch Cell Line
Semi-auto Pouch Cell Production Line
TOB offers a full set of semi-auto pouch cell production line solution.
China Leading Polymer Battery Production System Solutions Manufacturer
Polymer Battery Production System Solutions
TOB offers professional lithium battery production system solutions for polymer battery and supercapacitor manufacturing.
 laboratory tube furnace
1600℃ Horizontal Tube Furnace
1600°C Single Zone Laboratory Tube Furnace with Vacuum Flanges and Corundum Tube SPECIFICATIONS The TOB-KTL1600 Modeltube furnaceis ahorizontal tube furnaceadopts Silicon molybdenum as heating element. 40 segments programmable temperature controllers are installed with 6 groups of PID adjustment. It is the ideallaboratory equipmentfor universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do High temperatureatmosphere sintering, Atmosphere reduction, CVD experimental, vacuum annealingsuch as for preparing nano materials and film. Model Tube Size Power Dimension (L*W*H) Voltage Heating Zone  Length Max Heating  Temperature TOB-KTL1600-I Φ60*1000mm 4kw 650*450*670mm AC110V/220V 260mm 1600℃ TOB-KTL1600-II Φ80*1000mm 4kw 650*450*670mm TOB-KTL1600-III Φ100*1000mm 4kw 650*500*700mm Heating element 1800 type Silicon molybdenum Temperature controller 40 program temperature control system, With over temperature, broken accidentally protection function, 6 groups of PID adjustment Control precision of + / - 1 ℃ Furnace chamber 1800 type Polycrystal alumina fiber Tube material 99 alumina tube Vacuum Flange &  Fitting Ports Stainless steel flange with Gas nozzle, valve, pressure gauge Pressure measure  system Pressure gauge (Resistance vacuum gauge can be chosen according requirements) Air intake control Flow meter (Protons flow controller can be chosen according requirements ) Vacuum system Vacuum pump can be chosen Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support  Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com  Skype : amywangbest86  Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609
lithium battery electrode cutter
500*500mm Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine
1 TOB-JD-500 semi-automatic electrode die cutter is mainly used for pouch cell electrode sheet cut for stacking pouch cell battery. It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes with current collector tabs.
Planetary Mixer Machine
10L Capacity Planetary Mixer Machine
This TOB-PVM-10L Planetary vacuum mixer machine is a set of vacuum mixing, dispersion of efficient equipment, suitable for lithium electricity experiment process is anode paste mixing process, solder paste, silica gel, chemical industry, etc
China Leading Nickel Foam Supplier 5mm*200mm*300mm for sale Manufacturer
Nickel Foam Supplier 5mm*200mm*300mm for sale
Nickel/Ni Foam For Battery Cathode Substrate SPECIFICATIONS Size: Thicknss 5mm Width 200mm Length 300mm packing: 5piece/bag Applicable to super capacitor, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, fuel cell........ Item value Thicness  4mm  5mm Porosity 97% Purity ≥99.8% PPI 75 Areal density 350±20g/m2 Used for super capacitor, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, fuel cell........      Email : tob.amy@tobmachine.com  Skype : amywangbest86  Whatsapp/Phone number : +86 181 2071 5609
Dispenser and Diluter System
Laboratory Dispenser and Diluter System
Laboratory dispenser and diluter system ,It is ideal for dispensing and diluting applications

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.