53L 500℃ High Temperature Vacuum Oven

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Subject : 53L 500℃ High Temperature Vacuum Oven


53L 500 Degree High Temperature Vacuum Oven With Gas Flow-meter, Chiller & Vacuum System


The DZF-6050-HT series vacuum oven is CE certified. This oven is using an advanced temperature controller which comes with a RS485 computer comunication port and is able to be computerized. Also it can be heated up to 500°C and able to hold the temperature for long period with the support of compact chilling water recirculating system. A 500-5000ml flow meter is installed in the front panel for user to simply control and create a gas environment in the chamber.


208 -240VAC 50/60HZ (Power cable is included w/o plug)



Heating Temp

Continuous: 50~400°C, <= 1 hour for staying at 500°C


Heating Rates

10 ºC/min: 0ºC - 100ºC

ºC/min: 100ºC - 200ºC

ºC/min: 200ºC - 300ºC

3.5 ºC/min: 300ºC - 400ºC

2.3 ºC/min: 400ºC - 450ºC

0.4 ºC/min: 450ºC - 480ºC

0.2 ºC/min: 480ºC - 500ºC

Chamber and Door

Chamber dimensions: 415 mm x 345 mm x 370 mm ( 16.3 x 13.5 x 14.5", 53 Liter )

The chamber is structured with stainless steel and welded with bracing pieces.

Aluminium Plate with thermal insulation

 Silicone door gasket and positive latch door ensure the good sealing

 2 stainless steel shelves are included to facilitate processing efficiency.

Temperature Controller

 30 segments programmable

 Built-in over-temperature protection

 +/- 5°C accuracy

Gas flowing/purging

 A precise flow meter is installed in the front panel which ranges from 500 ~ 5000ml/min. 

 The gas is able to be continuously flowing into the chamber at a constant flow rate 

defined by user during operation.

 The oven can be purged by inert gas before operation.

Water Cooling

One Digital Temperature Controlled Recirculating Water Chiller is included .

Refrigeration range : 5~35°C

Flowing Rate: 16L/minute

Suggest using anti-corrosion coolant (available for auto-part store) to achieve best water cooling.

The water cooling jacket is built inside the oven door. 

Vacuum Pump

One Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter, Bellows & KF-D25 Inlet is included.

Vacuum level of oven after pumping < 133pa (2 torr)

Power: 0.4KW / 0.37KW

Dimensions & Weight

48" x 40" x 42"; 420 lbs


1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box package

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customer's requirements to suggest the most suitable shipping mode

3 Responsible for the damage during shipping process, change the damage part for free

4 Supply with suitable voltage input and power plug according to customer's country requirements.


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