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5L Small Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System for Battery Electrode Slurry

5L Small De-ironing Filtration System For Battery Electrode Slurry

TOB-LB-FT02 is a CE Certified magnetic de-ironing filtration system for Lab Use.
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Product Detail

5L Small Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System for Battery Electrode Slurry


TOB-LB-FT02 is a CE Certified magnetic de-ironing filtration system. This Lab de-ironing filter designed for optimizing the condition of slurry before the coating process. The slurry will pass through a set of strong permanent magnetic rods and then a mesh filter to remove large particles and iron impurity. Such a system is not only able to filter out the large particles but also remove iron to improve the quality and stability of the electrode slurry.



Voltage supply

110Vac - 240Vac universal power



Working Temperature


Process Capacity


Magnetic Field Strength

8000 G


3 mesh filters: 80, 100, 120


Containers Made of Stainless Steel 304

Slurry Viscidity




Deironing Function

8000-10000 GC

Overall Dimensions

500mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 850mm(H)

Shipping Weight & Dimension

130 lbs, 48"x40"x43"


CE Certified

CE,  TUV, UL, CSA  certified in power supply

Machine is safe 24VDC input,which can be used without any safety certification


One year limited with lifetime support




Magnetic De-ironing Filtration System (5L) for BatteryElectrode Slurry

1 set

Receiving tank for Battery Electrode Slurry

1 pcs

Slurry Container

1 pcs

80,100,120 Filter mesh

3 pcs

Operating manual

1 book


de-ironing filter

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